FESTIVALS / Festival du Perigord Noir

Festival of classical music in historical places of Perigord Noir.

villages / Limeuil24 km

A charming, refreshing place where the Rivers Dordogne and Vézère meet. It lived through the horrors of Viking invasions and the Hundred Years’ War but today only three fortified gates are left to bear witness to those times.

villages / Castelnaud-la-Chapelle41 km

Well known for its two castles - the medieval castle superbly restored with its Museum of War in Middle Age and the Milandes castle, former property of Joséphine Baker -, the village itself and its typical Périgord architecture is also worth discovering.


Listed as a National Historical Monument offering more than 6 kilometers of shaded paths, edged with 150.000 hand-pruned boxwoods aged over hundred years.  The park is situated on a spur and overlooks the entire Dordogne Valley with its chalky cliffs. It reveals the most spectacular panoramic view possible of Périgord.

prehistory / CAVE OF FONT DE GAUME17 km

An original cave presenting almost 500 polychrome pictures of bison, horses, mammoth, deer and cattle, still open to public.  The drawings are engraved and coloured which makes them very clear.


One of the most important museums on prehistoric matters.  This beautiful museum is partly housed in the Castle of Tayac.

sports / HIKING

 the Périgord there are 1130 km of hiking paths (GR), including one going to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, or another one, le GR 36, following the pre-historical sites of the valley of the Vézère.
 In the collection "Sentiers du Périgord" you can find a choice of 35 Plans-Guides of hikes discovering the Périgord in another way (at your disposal in the Comité Départemental du Tourisme and in the Offices de Tourisme)


Rental of bikes by Dordogne Cycle Hire


Boat trips in canoe or kayak: reservation in Les Eyzies

villages / La Roque Gageac44 km

In Périgord Noir, at the foot of a south-facing cliff, the creamy stone houses with their "lauze" stone slab or brown-tiled roofs are mirrored in the waters of the River Dordogne where the famous "gabares" (traditional flat-bottomed boats) laden with goods used to pass in the 19C.

villages / St Leon-sur-Vézère14 km

Halfway between Lascaux and Les Eyzies, this former flourishing port on the River Vézère is situated in countryside that is typical of the Périgord. It is proud to host the Music Festival of the Périgord Noir in its beautiful 12C Romanesque church.

villages / Montpazier55 km

Een stadje waar de tijd lijkt stil te hebben gestaan, met zijn geplaveide plein in het centrum, toegangspoorten en booggewelven.

prehistory / Lascaux24 km

The masterpiece of prehistoric art enlisted as World Heritage of UNESCO


A unique garden, inspired by 17th and 18th centuries, in the particular style of topiary gardens.  One of the finest examples of the French style, family heritage since 22 generations.

prehistory / CAVES OF ROUFFIGNAC5 km

One of the largest prehistoric caves in Europe with over more then 250 prehistoric drawings dating from 13.000 to 14.000 years ago.  The remarkable construction extends fom almost 10 kilometers and offers huge corridors in which a guided tour on an electric train takes you through places where bears dug their lairs.

villages / domme49 km

Perched on a breathtakingly high cliff that allows to enjoy an exceptional view of the Dordogne valley and the neighbouring Most Beautiful Villages of La Roque-Gageac and Beynac-et-Cazenac. 

villages / Collonges la Rouge81 km

The matchless red sandstone is the hallmark of this former stronghold of the Counts of Turenne. It is everywhere : beneath the "lauze" stone-slab or slate roofs of the impressive 15C and 16C houses.

villages / Belvès40 km

Belvès is a medieval town perched on a rocky spur above the Nauze Valley in Périgord Noir. It boasts 7 bell towers and although it endured invasions and wars, it has miraculously managed to preserve superb relics of its built heritage.


Discover nature on a horseback. Ferme équestre de Sardin.

villages / Beynac-et-Cazenac36 km

Photogenic village with an imposing castle, once besieged by Richard the Lion Heart.  A walk through the village with its beautiful houses and flowered gardens is a real enchantment! In summer Beynac organises the Musical Nights, a festival of classical music.

prehistory / Gouffre de Padirac

A natural chasm 75 metres deep and 33 metres in diameter.  The underground river is reached using lifts or staircases and you are taken on a strange 500 metre long boat trip 103 metres under the earth.