prehistory / CAVE OF FONT DE GAUME17 km

An original cave presenting almost 500 polychrome pictures of bison, horses, mammoth, deer and cattle, still open to public.  The drawings are engraved and coloured which makes them very clear.


One of the most important museums on prehistoric matters.  This beautiful museum is partly housed in the Castle of Tayac.

prehistory / Lascaux24 km

The masterpiece of prehistoric art enlisted as World Heritage of UNESCO

prehistory / CAVES OF ROUFFIGNAC5 km

One of the largest prehistoric caves in Europe with over more then 250 prehistoric drawings dating from 13.000 to 14.000 years ago.  The remarkable construction extends fom almost 10 kilometers and offers huge corridors in which a guided tour on an electric train takes you through places where bears dug their lairs.

prehistory / Gouffre de Padirac

A natural chasm 75 metres deep and 33 metres in diameter.  The underground river is reached using lifts or staircases and you are taken on a strange 500 metre long boat trip 103 metres under the earth.